Founding Directors

Jayma Brown


            Jayma Brown has been active in the Richmond community for several years, having served as Treasurer for the North and East Neighborhood association and a Commissioner on Richmond's Community Development Council. Jayma founded the Richmond Garden Club.  She has an MBA from San Francisco State and has worked in a variety of sectors (airline, travel, government and international development) as well as a variety of professions (data programmer, inventory analyst, financial analyst, business consultant). Jayma has served in the U. S. Peace Corps in Western Samoa, Ghana and Liberia.

Neil Helfman


            Neil is a practicing attorney who has represented, formed, and written about, workers' cooperatives for the last twenty-two years. His primary areas of legal practice include business tort litigation, employment law, and construction law. Prior to practicing law he was a member of five labor unions including teamsters and carpenters & joiners. He received a B.A from the University of California at Berkeley in 1968, J.D. from University of San Francisco in 1985.

Terry Baird


            Terry grew up in a small family auto parts business, sustaining himself for many years in that trade, and was a member of the East Bay Automotive Machinists Union.  He has a B.A. in History from San Francisco State, studied International Relations at the University of Oslo, Norway, and received a certificate in Cooperative Management from the University of  Wisconsin, Madison.  He has been involved in a wide variety of cooperatives and hybrids since the 1970's as a volunteer, employee and/or board member including Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation and the National Cooperative Business Association in D.C., and studied co-ops while in other countries.  Since 1996 he has been a founding member of Arizmendi Cooperative, Inc. in Oakland, having trained in baking at the Cheeseboard in Berkeley.  He served as one of the first Vista Volunteers,  working with migrant farm workers in Florida.  For the past six months he has worked for the City of Richmond promoting worker cooperatives.

Wayne Landers

            Wayne Landers has been cfo or ceo for a total of 8 of his 10 years at Other Avenues Food Store Cooperative (OA), where he is currently ceo and co-owner. OA is a grocery and general store (worker owned and controlled) in San Francisco. Wayne served on the Network of Bay Area Workers Cooperatives (NoBAWC) board of directors for one and a half years and has represented OA to NoBAWC for many more. Since acquiring his MBA in Sustainable Enterprise in mid-2010, Wayne has consulted for startup cooperatives and ongoing small business ventures as to the successful, profitable operation of their storefronts and manufacturing operations in the San Francisco bay area. Previous to this he created online secure services in several venture and self-funded Silicon Valley startups and developed scientific, engineering and sales force automation products with two years as assistant IT manager and three years as head of his own company.

Marilyn Langlois


            Marilyn Langlois was a community advocate in the office of Mayor Gayle McLaughlin in Richmond, CA. from 2008-April 2012. She researched and coordinated Mayor McLaughlin’s initiative to support worker cooperatives and accompanied her on a trip to Mondragon in 2010 and helped her to hire a consultant to the City tasked with assisting residents start worker cooperatives. She is currently a volunteer founding board member of the Richmond Worker Cooperative Revolving Loan Fund. Ms. Langlois was born and raised in West Contra Costa County, and since moving back to Richmond in 2002, she has worked on numerous collaborative efforts with local community based organizations and grassroots groups. She is an active member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance steering committee, a political collective dedicated to empowering Richmond residents and reducing the excessive influence of large corporations in local politics. She worked for several months on a cooperative farm in the 1970’s, and is currently an active member of the Haiti Action Committee, another political collective, that supports Haiti’s grassroots movement for democracy.

Miguel Espino


Stephanie Hervey



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